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In the state of Illinois, both auto insurance and home insurance are necessary for almost all people. While your case may vary from your neighbors, we at Martin Insurance Team create a special policy customized for your situation.

Independent agencies focus on providing top notch insurance products in several areas, most notably car insurance and homeowners insurance. The state law in Illinois does require vehicle insurance, and most all homeowners are required to have home coverage as well. Independent agents have relationships with many different insurance providers so they are able to obtain quotes from each of these. You can then compare and decide which price and which policy works for you!

Auto insurance in Illinois typically consists of three parts. Liability coverage is your legal protection in case you are found to be responsible for an accident or for personal damages caused by your auto. Collision coverage is your personal protection that will allow you to get your car repaired (or replaced, as the case may be) if you are involved in an accident. Collision applies even if you caused the accident yourself, while liability only applies to other people. Comprehensive coverage protects you much like collision, but it is there for the "other than accident" times like theft and random damage by winter storms.

Homeowners can be unique for each policy owner, but the main function of this coverage is protecting your home. When you own a homeowners policy, the house and all your possessions are covered in case of damage, destruction, theft, or other loss. This insurance also gives you liability coverage, which will compensate others for any damage they might suffer while in your home.

At Martin Insurance Team, we are so pleased to be able to offer you all the essential insurance products you need. Since we're an independent agent, we can give you multiple quotes from different insurance providers, and then let you pick what works for you. We believe in merging top notch insurance with top notch service to give you the best insurance coverage in Illinois. Feel free to call us anytime or use our free quote comparison tool online. Just enter a few pieces of info to get immediate free quotes on the Web!