3 reasons why comprehensive motorcycle insurance is a smart idea

If you are a motorcyclist in the greater Evergreen Park, IL area, you may be wondering what type of motorcycle insurance is right for you. The agents at the Martin Insurance Team believe that comprehensive insurance is often the right way to go. Check out these 3 reasons why we advise our bike clients to always consider a comprehensive motorcycle policy:

  1. Liability – when you are involved in an accident while on your motorcycle you may be held liable for damage or injury to people and property. The level of liability will depend on the circumstances, and it is always a good idea to protect your personal assets. Basic policies give you some peace of mind, but they don’t always provide adequate protection.
  2. Damages – while many motorcyclists opt for protection up to the value of their bike, things can be a lot more complicated in the real world. In the event that you are involved in an incident with an uninsured driver, you may not have the coverage you need with a basic policy. Don’t let someone else’s negligence have a negative effect on your life!
  3. Medical coverage – while a basic policy will likely cover the value of your bike, what about medical expenses. If you are involved in an accident with a passenger on your bike, the situation can get even more complicated. Comprehensive motorcycle insurance can provide the protection that both you and your passenger may need in the event of a mishap.

If you are in the greater Evergreen Park, IL area and would like to learn more about the different options that are available for motorcycle insurance, call or stop by. We are proud to serve all of your insurance needs here at Martin Insurance Team.