A Road for Everyone

The road is full of many different types of vehicles, each with their own set of considerations for other drivers.

The Standard: Mid-sized automobiles

If you picked a random vehicle off the road, chances are high that it would be a four-wheeled metal chariot with two or four doors, weighing anywhere from three to four-thousand pounds. Because of their common distribution, the best advice for creating a safe environment for the other cars on the road is to follow all standing and posted traffic laws.

Larger Vehicles

Grant a healthy amount of respect to the force carried by the big rigs and buses. A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh over 80,000 pounds – over ten times that of the typical sedan with two passengers. All of that bulk means their acceleration, top speed, and turning ability will all be lower than their smaller cousins. They can also miss seeing vehicles directly behind them due to their larger blind spots; unless you can see a mirror or the driver directly, assume they don’t know that you’re there.

The Little Ones

It may not seem like it while riding next to a pair of tractor-trailers and an SUV, but the family sedan is far from the smallest vehicle on the road. Motorcycles may be light, nimble, and incredibly fuel efficient, but they will suffer more from an accidental collision than any other vehicle type. Even if the rider is weaving in and out of traffic, try to keep an eye on motorcycles in your general vicinity. If they approach you, try to limit the moves of your vehicle to deliberate transitions several seconds after activating your turn signal.

Whether you’re operating one of the big boys, a daily driver, or a man-powered marvel, the Martin Insurance Team is ready to get you prepared to take on the road with the peace of mind that being insured offers you.