Actions to Take If Your Home Insurance Is Canceled

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Can Home Insurance Be Canceled?

If you have a homeowners’ insurance policy, you may wonder if it can be canceled without your permission. The insurance company can cancel your policy during the first 60 days if their review of your risk causes them concern. After 60 days, the policy can be canceled only if you fail to pay the premium. Writing a check that bounces can be considered non-payment.  

Actions After Cancelation Notice

If you are notified that your policy is canceled, the insurance company must send a notice explaining the cancellation. Policyholders then have the right to appeal the cancelation. You must prove the insurance company didn’t follow the correct procedure to win the appeal. 

Appeal to Director of Insurance

If your policy is canceled for a reason other than non-payment, you have the right to appeal to the Director of Insurance. Your appeal must be filed 20 days before the cancelation date. If the state insurance office agrees you have a right to appeal, they will notify you of a hearing date.

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