All You Need To Know About Tax-Free Retirement

A tax-free retirement account is a type of insurance policy that offers individuals tax benefits and risk protection. It is also known as a TFRA account. Do not confuse it with a 401(K) plan because it is not a qualified plan. Tax-free retirement accounts are covered under Section 7702, and their purpose is to provide tax-free income for retirement. 

How does a tax-free retirement account work?

This account is funded with after-tax dollars. This makes it similar to a Roth IRA. Policy owners deposit their money into the account and pay taxes on all contributions they make. They also do not get any tax deductions. You may wonder how much money you can put into a TFRA account. It depends on the type of your account. However, there is a yearly commitment limit. 

What are the benefits of a TFRA account?

First, it offers excellent liquidity because you can access cash value without triggering any tax penalty. Another benefit you should know about is that it helps generate additional income. The amount of income will depend on the individual investment plan. Finally, another great benefit that a TFRA account has is that it is life insurance. That means beneficiaries can collect death benefits when a policyholder passes away. 

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