Disability Insurance for Self Employed Individuals

You work hard to be self-employed and if something happens to you even for a short amount of time, your business could suffer. The Martin Insurance Team in Evergreen Park, IL would like to give you some useful information that could help you better understand the need for disability insurance.

What is Disability Insurance?

If you are unable to work because of a major illness or accident, disability insurance may cover the cost of a portion of your income. This is helpful if you are counting on your profits to pay the mortgage, utilities, and grocery bills.

Types of Disability Insurance

  • Short-term disability – covers a short amount of time, usually 2 to 5 years. If you are planning a major surgery or having a child, short-term disability is a great solution. This type of plan could cover you for the amount of time you will be out of work.
  • Long-term disability – is a plan that involves a longer amount of time out of work. If you are suddenly unable to work for years, long-term disability is a good option to have. Because you never know when you will be disabled, it’s a good idea to look into long-term disability coverage.

What You Should Know

Before purchasing disability coverage, there a few questions you should consider.

  • What percentage of your salary will you receive if you have to be out of work?
  • How much money will you be able to live on and for how long?
  • Which disabilities are covered? (Some plans only cover specific disabilities)

Make sure you are covered. Talk with one of the Evergreen Park, IL agents at the Martin Insurance Team to determine which disability insurance covered would be right for you and your business. You can also discuss various other insurance plans that you may need including auto, home, and business insurance.