Dogs and Homeowners Insurance

Being a homeowner in the Evergreen Park, IL, area can be a great investment, a source of pride, and a terrific place to raise a family. However, it also has its risks. You can experience maintenance issues, be subject to fires and storms, and be held liable for injury claims that occur on the property. Martin Insurance Team is here to help you manage those risks.

One element that you should be aware of is dog ownership. Yes, owning a dog can impact your homeowner’s insurance. Here’s why.

Dogs pose a risk.

Dog ownership can raise your liability risk when you own a home. A dog bite can generate an immediate claim against you that could be costly to defend and resolve. Even if you claim your dog doesn’t bite, a barking, charging, or otherwise aggressive dog may frighten a visitor into a slip-and-fall that could be your responsibility.

Some dog breeds may be so aggressive that an insurance provider may refuse or alter coverage for homeowners.

Be honest about your pet.

Don’t be tempted to ignore your pet’s safety when it comes to homeowner’s insurance. Being less than truthful could place you at higher financial risk. The solution is to compare.

Compare home insurance rates.

Some homeowners insurance providers may be more “pet friendly” than others. If you have a dog, the Martin Insurance Team can help you insure them. We can get you a quote with which you and your pet can agree on. Contact us today for insurance in the Evergreen Park, IL, area.