Caring for Your Car in the Fall – 3 Tips

The leaves are changing colors and the air is crisp. Fall is here, which means it is time to tackle a few routine car care tasks before the weather turns colder. Here are three tips to consider.

#1: Perform Routine Maintenance

While it is important to maintain your vehicle all year long, fall is a great time to perform tasks you may have forgotten. Get your oil change and have your brakes checked out by a professional. Ensure your battery is up to full capacity. Replace your windshield wipers. Completing these service items is much easier while the weather is still nice than when it starts to turn snowy.

#2: Check Your Tires

Checking your tires in the fall is also pretty vital, as worn ones can become a hazard during winter weather. Look for any cuts or nicks on the tread wall that could cause problems later. Have them rotated, as necessary. And make sure your spare is in good condition and ready to go in case of a blowout or flat.

#3: Put Together an Emergency Kit

Fall is the perfect time to put together an emergency kit to keep in your car during bad weather. Make sure you have basic items including flares, basic tools, and a first aid kid. Add other items specific to cold weather, such as a blanket, dry clothing, deicer, chains, and snacks. There is no telling whether or not a sudden ice or snow storm in the coming months could leave you stranded, which could make compiling these items ahead of time a smart move.

What else should you do in the fall to prepare for the upcoming winter? Review your auto insurance policy, of course! Please contact our team at Martin Insurance Team LTD to schedule your no-obligation policy review.