Five Things to be Sure to Discuss With Your Teen Driver

Are you welcoming a new teen driver to the family? Martin Insurance Team understands. We serve drivers of all types in the Evergreen Park, IL, area, including those with teen drivers. It is important that young drivers get off to a safe start in their driving careers. Here are some tips to set them on the right path.

Discuss Economics

Now is a logical time to let them know that driving is a privilege—an expensive privilege. They should know that car payments, repairs, fuel, and auto insurance can be costly. Safe driving and proper maintenance can help keep those expenses in line.

Talk About the Dangers of Distracted Driving

While cell phones are a significant cause of distracted driving, other causes include putting on makeup, playing with the radio, and eating or drinking.

Incentives For Safe Driving

Create a plan that rewards your safe teen driver for every year of accident and citation-free driving.

What To Do in a Traffic Stop

Your teen driver should know what to expect in a traffic stop and how they should respond. Make sure they understand the importance of having proper paperwork and ID.

Encourage Defensive Driving

Remind teens to watch out for the other guy. They need to keep their emotions in check and avoid aggressive driving. Avoid engaging other drivers.

Insuring Your Teen Driver

Adding a teen driver to the family will likely significantly increase your car insurance premiums.

The Martin Insurance Team of Evergreen Park, IL, can help. We can help you explore discounts, such as those available for good students, bundling, and more. Contact us to discuss your options and to get a free quote. We look forward to assisting you.