How does disability insurance determine if someone has become disabled?

Nobody plans on becoming disabled. If this happens to you or a loved one, you need a backup plan to get the help you need to meet your financial needs. Martin Insurance Team can help you learn how to protect your income if you live in or around Evergreen Park, IL. 

Who Can Take Advantage Of Disability Insurance?

It is essential to know if you are eligible to take advantage of disability insurance. Anyone between 18 and 61 who works at least 30 hours per week should have disability protection. If you qualify for the insurance and become disabled, your coverage should replace between 50 and 70% of your wages.

How Is Disability Determined?

Here are the questions that will help determine if someone is, in fact, disabled:

  1. Are you working? If you are working, how much are you earning? The normal standard is "substantial gainful activity," or SGA. If you make more than the current limit, you will not be considered disabled.
  2. Is your condition severe, and has it lasted at least 12 months? To qualify under this step, your condition severely limits your activities. The activities may include lifting, standing, or remembering, depending on your position.
  3. Is your condition in an accepted list of disabling conditions
  4. Can you do the job you did before you developed your current condition? 
  5. Are you able to do another kind of acceptable work? You may still be able to earn a living doing something else.

Don’t leave yourself unprotected. Dealing with a disability is hard on you and your family, even without considering your loss of income. If you live in Evergreen Park, IL, call Martin Insurance Team and find a plan that meets your needs.