Knowing What to Do After a Hail Storm

When it comes to living in Illinois, you likely know a thing or two about extreme weather.  In the summertime, it's not uncommon for temps to sore above 100 degrees, while in the winter they tend to dip close to zero or below.  And then during the spring and fall time, a hail storm here and there is quite common.  

What are you to do if your car ends up getting damaged in a hail storm?  The answer is simple — you file a claim and let your car insurance company pay for the damage; this is of course assuming that you have comprehensive coverage.  If you aren't for sure whether or not your car would be covered in a hail storm, it's imperative that you speak with one of our agents who serves the Evergreen Park, IL area to make sure you have adequate coverage. 

Steps to take during and after a hail storm:

Park your car in the safest spot possible

If you are aware that a hail storm is coming your way, make sure to park your car in a garage or under some type of covered patio.  If you don't have a garage or patio, you should assess your surroundings and park the car in a spot that you believe it will endure the least amount of damage. 

Keep yourself safe

While the hail storm is taking place, it's imperative that you stay inside until the storm passes over. 

Take pictures and file a claim

After the storm passes, you'll want to take pictures of the hail damage and file a claim.  Your insurance company will direct you toward an auto body specialist who can fix any dents and perform any paint repair, including the application of a clear coat.