The Importance of Working With an Independent Insurance Agency

Buying any type of insurance policy can be an overwhelming process. As a consumer, you must navigate the ins and outs of each policy and decide what terms make the most financial sense for your family. Although purchasing an insurance policy online sounds easy, you’re actually taking a huge risk. By not working with an independent insurance agency, you’re missing out on sound professional advice.

The most important benefit you’ll get from using an independent insurance agency is access to years of training in the field. Insurance agents have been educated on risk analysis and how each type of insurance policy protects the insurer against these potential risks. The independent agents will know what policies are available in your area and what kind of special or required coverage you may need based on your current situation and location. 

An independent agent will not sell you coverage you don’t want or need. In fact, the agent can tell you about what inclusions are unnecessary when purchasing your policy. An agent can also make you aware of any discounts you may be eligible for. You’ll save more money by having the agent collect quotes on policies and relaying the most competitive rates to you. You could also be given access to bundle rates that grant a price break when securing multiple policies from one carrier.

An independent insurance agency can also keep you safeguarded against irreparable insurance companies. The agents will be familiar with the reputation of each company and know whether there have been complaints about claims not being handled properly.

The Martin Insurance Team is a group of independent insurance agents who serve the Evergreen Park, Illinois area. Their agents will get to know your requirements in order to recommend the right policy to keep you and your family safeguarded in case of disaster.