Storing your Motorcycle to Reduce Theft Risk in Evergreen Park, IL

Proper storage of your motorcycle can help you to keep it safe. Motorcycles are at a higher risk of being stolen than other types of motor vehicles. They are valuable, though, and they can be as expensive to purchase, in some cases, as vehicles. For these reasons, you should maintain a high-quality motorcycle insurance plan on your bike in Evergreen Park, IL to make sure you are financially protected from theft. However, a few tips can help you avoid this risk by keeping your bike properly stored.

First, keep it out of sight. There is no reason to leave it outside of the garage or in open view if you can avoid doing so. While your neighbors will still know you own the bike, those would-be thieves driving by your home will not. It’s less likely your neighbor will steal it from you.

Next, ensure it is anchored into place. Specifically, you’ll want to ensure that when it is in storage, it is locked into place to a sturdy object. For example, if you are placing it in your garage, anchor it down with a chain to a fixture in the garage that cannot be moved.

You also don’t want to trust a sound-based alarm as the only option. Most people don’t pay attention to these types of alarms. Rather, use these other tips to help you to keep your bike safe. Don’t assume an alarm is a good enough solution.

And, let us help you.

At Martin Insurance Team, our goal is to help residents in Evergreen Park, IL to find the most affordable insurance policy for their needs. Talk to us today about your motorcycle insurance needs and allow us to keep your bike safe even if theft does occur.