3 Reasons to Have Seperate Renters Insurance Policies

Having a roommate is a great way to save on expenses. Purchasing renters insurance is important in case of an incident. So, how do you determine whether or not to add your roommate to your existing policy or for each of you to have a separate one?

While most carriers allow up to two unrelated adults to share a policy, it is usually wise to each have your own. Here are three reasons to get separate renters insurance policies when you have a roommate.

Reason #1: Individual Coverage

One reason having separate renters insurance policies is important is that it provides individual coverage. This means that your policy only covers your personal property—not your roommate’s. So, if most of the items in your apartment belong to your roommate, then you aren’t having to pay extra for a higher coverage limit. Likewise, if you have more items than your roommate, you can ensure you have the appropriate level of coverage without having to worry about their stuff, too.

Reason #2: Separate Liability

Liability coverage is one major reason why tenants opt to purchase renters insurance. In the case of situations where a policyholder has a roommate, this is another area where having separate policies is important. If your roommate does something away from the house that is considered a serious liability claim, you are not responsible if you’ve taken the time to each have your own policies. If you are on a shared policy, then you would be considered liable.

Reason #3: It Keeps You from Being Connected

Another reason to consider having a separate renters insurance policy than your roommate is that it keeps you from being connected. This means that if one of you ever moves out or you are no longer on good terms, your insurance coverage (and any resulting claim checks) is not tied together.

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