The Best Way to Insure Your Child’s Vehicle

Raising kids is — a bigger job than can fit in this blog. There are many milestones to celebrate and dread. Someone, your child learning to drive is both. If you’re planning to get them a car of their own, there are some things you should know before you take the loan. Insuring your kids is a little more complicated than you might think, even in Evergreen Park, IL. That’s why Martin Insurance Team has a couple of tips for you.

When They Live With You

If you’re paying your kid’s insurance and they live with you, things are a little easier. The most important thing to know about is registration. You might want to put the car in your kid’s name, but that comes with complications. Generally speaking, an insurer will not grant a policy if the name on the registration and the primary driver don’t match. When your child lives with you, that matters less, since both of you should be listed as drivers regardless. When they don’t live with you, things get more complicated

When They Don’t Live With You

It’s hard to justify putting yourself as a primary driver on a car that you never drive. Also, having multiple drivers usually raises the premiums. When this happens, the easiest way to handle insurance is to put the registration in your kid’s name. They’ll be the primary driver, and the policy will be in their name too. If you’re still paying for all of it, that’s fine. Insurers don’t care who cuts the check, as long as the paperwork matches and they get paid.

While these two tips are useful, Martin Insurance Team has plenty of advice for residents in Evergreen Park, IL. If you want the best plan for all of your policies, a simple chat can get you there.