When to Review Your Home Insurance Policy

Home insurance is something people tend to purchase and then not think about again for years. However, your home insurance should actually change along with your home, as well as your life.

If you’re in or near Evergreen Park, IL, the Martin Insurance Team will be happy to review your policy with you and update it. But in the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of some of the most important times to review your home insurance.

It’s Been a Year or More

Even when nothing’s changed recently, homeowners should go over their policy and review it for possible changes once a year. It’s the best way to determine whether your needs are the same and prevent winding up underinsured in an emergency.

You’ve Improved Your Home

Remodels, upgrades, and additions all increase a home’s overall value. The same goes for decisions like having your home equipped with a security system. Any upgrade in home value should trigger a review of your insurance coverage.

You’re Facing Additional Liability

Your home insurance might not be the first thing on your mind when installing a pool or finally getting your kids that dog they’ve always wanted. But it would be best if you were still prepared for the possibility that the dog might bite a visitor or someone could get hurt in your pool at your next barbecue. Updating your policy is part of that.

You’re Facing Less Liability

Some life choices actually mean less liability and more insurance-related benefits for you. For example, a person who stops smoking is less of a fire risk. So, anytime you make similar life choices, you should consider whether they correlate to your insurance.

Suppose you’re unsure whether it’s time to reassess your Evergreen Park, IL home insurance policy, call the experienced agents of Martin Insurance Team. We’ll be happy to help you make sense of it all.