Essentials of Disability insurance by Martin Insurance Team

Although disability insurance is an essential cover, few people bother to buy it. Regardless of where you work, you are at risk of getting into an accident which can render you disable and unable to attend your day job.

It is important to note that accidents are not the only major causes of disability. You can get a minor accident at your daily day job in a manufacturing company or a printing firm. Such an accident can later cause more complications rendering you completely disable or partially disabled. Cancer heart diseases and back injuries can also cause temporary disability rendering you unfit for work.

Martin Insurance Team offers disability insurance cover to cater for your bills if you are rendered disabled by diseases or an accident. Among the covers offered to the residents of Evergreen Park, IL, include;

Short-term disability policy– this cover your bills or rather replaces your income or a few months. It covers unto 52 weeks after the accident. The insurance company will give you the benefits on a weekly basis.  This cover takes care of your most essential needs such as food, school fees, and rent.

Long-term disability policy– Under this cover, the insured received a monthly payment? Benefit for up to ten years. This cover comes in handy when a disability was anticipated to be short-term but extend above one year.

Martin insurance team has taken an active role in educating the people of Evergreen, IL, about the available disability policies and goes a step further to educate them on who should get a cover and why.

Although every person should have a disability insurance cover, the working young adults with small families should prioritize it to protect their family’s income. So, if you need this cover, please feel free to contact us through our website.