Extend Your Vehicle’s Life With These Easy 3 Tips

There are two important aspects of caring for a vehicle: maintenance and insurance. Maintaining your car will extend its life, and properly insuring it will ensure that you’re protected if something happens on the road. At Martin Insurance Team LTD, we have collected a few tips for the former, and our independent insurance agents can help you with the latter.

Properly Maintaining Your Car

Although large repairs grab people’s attention, auto maintenance rarely involves a major repair. Instead, maintaining a vehicle requires regular attention to small things, like the oil level and tire’s air pressure. You can extend the life of your vehicle by taking time to see after these details. Be sure to:

  • keep your tires properly inflated
  • fill up the gas tank before the it’s empty
  • have your oil changed according to the schedule outlined in your car’s owner’s manual

The last item, getting your oil changed at the suggested intervals, is especially important. During an oil change, most mechanics look at all the other fluids in your car. If you forgo an oil change, they won’t have a chance to look at the other fluids, and one of the fluids could become low.

Properly Insure Your Car

The easiest way to take care of your insurance needs is to contact an independent insurance agency, like ours. Through our website or over the phone, we can help you assess your coverage needs and find a policy that provides robust protection without high premiums. Because we’re an independent agency, we can compare the premiums on every policy in Palos Heights, IL and show you the most competitive options.

We’ve served many drivers in Palos Heights and other parts of Illinois, and we’d be happy to serve you. To get started with your auto insurance needs, log on our website or give us a call.