As a Tenant in Palos Heights, IL, You Need Renters Insurance

If you rent an apartment in Palos Heights, IL, you should have renters insurance. Everyone who rents should have this type of insurance. Here’s why, along with how Martin Insurance Team can help you find a policy.

Renters Insurance Protects Tenants

As a tenant, you shouldn’t rely on your landlord’s insurance to protect you. Your landlord’s insurance policy covers your landlord; it doesn’t include coverage for you. Your landlord’s insurance might insure the building you live in, but it won’t insure your belongings or provide you with liability coverage.

Renters insurance is designed to protect you, insuring the things that your landlord’s insurance doesn’t. For instance, a renters insurance policy might afford you the following protections (depending on the terms):

  • personal property coverage
  • medical payments coverage
  • personal liability coverage
  • damage to others’ property coverage

A renters insurance policy that has these protections will protect you from a host of risks, which may include fire, vandalism, theft and other perils.

Renters Insurance Is Inexpensive

Renters insurance policies are generally inexpensive and at Martin Insurance Team we can help you find the lowest-priced policies available in Palos Heights, IL. We have a team of independent insurance agents who are licensed in Illinois and serve Palos Heights. As licensed, independent agents, we can compare policies from every insurer in Illinois and show you how much each company prices their policies at. You’ll be able to choose the lowest-priced quote that we can find.

Shopping for renters insurance only takes a few moments once our agents begin comparing quotes. To get started, contact our agents through our website. They’ll quickly get started helping you find an affordable renters insurance policy.